photoIt is very rare to be found not guilty of knocking down a pedestrian on a zebra crossing in the western world where the law prevails. Serious matter!!! God intervened clearly to set me free!!!

I was going to visit a pastor who was on a visit from Nigeria in summer 2015 when I knocked down a man at a zebra crossing.

It was one of those days I felt good in my spirit worshipping God in the car as I listened to gospel music. I bent over to increase the volume of my car stereo at the same time, moving the car. I had stopped for people to cross for a few seconds and started to move when I was sure pedestrians had finished crossing. By the time I attempted to move my car, a man was in front of my car. He ran unto the crossing in an attempt to cross like other people. My car brushed him and he fell over, sustaining personal juries. Police and ambulance services were called to the scene.

The police charged me after examination and investigation with:

  1. Driving without due Care and attention
  2. Failing to give precedence to a pedestrian using the crossing
  3. Not driving in accordance with a restricted licence that is “I needed to drive with glasses”. This was an error code on my licence which I was not aware of until the police pointed it out to me on the day.

I was asked by people and the court to plead guilty for a lighter sentence which will mean: points of my licence for 3 years (my insurance will increase) and to pay damages to the pedestrian. This would have also affected my circular job: my job is car essential because it is leased to me by my employer and I carry my clients in my car.

During the “Testimony Convocation 2016”, I asked the lord to please see me through the court proceedings and I sowed a seed during the apostle’s appreciate night (a token). My sisters under the assignment and faithful friends also went into prayers for favour in court. The Lord took over and directed me to a Christian solicitor who in turn was directed by the Lord.

To God be the glory, on the 7th of March 2016 I was found not guilty of all three charges in a Magistrate Court in London. The lord VINDICATED and rewarded me in the open…..


Pst.Grace Ajua Blankson

SLBC, UK Family.

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