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In SLBC, UK our fellowships are three operational arms - Jesus Women Prayer Ministry UK, New Men in Christ Fellowship UK and Anointed Children UK - that embrace the entire family known as the Godhead Prayer Ministry. Godhead Prayer Ministry, United Kingdom is part of Godhead Prayer Ministry Worldwide. GODHEAD (God, Ordained, Divine, Healing, Evangelism, Anointing and Deliverance) Prayer Ministry Worldwide is an end-time global inter-denominational family focused prayer ministry structured as a complementary kingdom assignment to strengthen the unity of the body of Christ without walls. It is also an international global movement that facilitates ongoing discipleship for the body of Christ, an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church of God. The ministry is motivated by the love of God and its:

Aim: To share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and meet all family needs in His name without discrimination.

Vision: Turning millions of hearts to Jesus.

Mission: To reach out to the whole world making disciples by preaching and teaching all that Jesus has commanded his church.

Mandate: To globalize this vision from nation to nation, preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the incisive uncompromising word of God.

Godhead Prayer Ministry UK is a global non-denominational Kingdom-serving family fellowship for citizens of God’s Kingdom. Each Fellowship has various weekly meeting locations. Kindly Contact Us for more information on the various locations. Learn more about our fellowship arms.