Sunday School

Sunday School

We have Children and Adult Sunday Schools. Our Adult Bible Study is an interactive session that forms part of our Church Services. Our Adult Sunday School currently focuses on the book titled ‘Commitment’ written by founding Bishop Apostle Gordon Erharuyi Osagiede and Apostle Deb’rah Eunice Gordon-Osagiede.  This book is useful for both married couples, those preparing for marriage and single individuals. Join Us and you will be enlightened deeply into various aspects of marriage, real life marriage experiences, review questions, as well as gain knowledge useful for a successful, peaceful and fruitful marriage.



  1. Wow!!! This is an amazing book. It touches every area of marriage. I enjoy the Adult Sunday School interactive live sessions, as well as the different valuable marriage experiences shared. I recommend everyone to get a personal copy.
    – Pastor Grace Blankson

  2. Convocation 2018 tagged victorious living was a blast!! I was fullfiled.

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